Ogio Chamber Cart Bag Review

Ogio Chamber Mens Cart BagOgio Chamber Men’s Cart Bagprice[toc]Have you heard that clanking sound of irons when you lift your golf cart bag? Did you know that your iron clubs often end up banging each other when left in a golf cart bag. Most golfers don’t even end up thinking about it, you must realize that these are metal tools of the game – your most important weapon! Most of us are passionate about our iron clubs and like to keep it looking brand new. So we opt for iron covers, which is not really acceptable in the golfing world – you gotta agree on that one! Well, Ogio just went and sorted all these issues with their Chamber cart bag. The Ogio chamber cart bag comes with a 14 way diamond top with advanced silencer club protection membrane.

Club Protection

Ogio ChamberOne of the key features of this bag is its superior club protection membrane system. The 14-way top has slotted soft rubber membranes which keep clubs protected from swaying and clanking into each other. Then there’s the heart of the operation…the Silencer Base, which utilizes a compression-fit mechanism at the very bottom of the bag to secure the grip of each individual club and lock it into place. You will actually feel the club lock down when you secure it into the system. And with every club locked into the silencer system you can actually take the bag and flip it upside down without a single club falling out. Isn’t that uber cool! On a lighter note, you may even challenge your friends to throw your clubs off the bag when in air for $10 bucks


It comes with 10 pockets which includes the zipperless ball pocket, beverage pocket and fleece pocket. The beverage pocket is so large that it can easily store about 6 cans of beer! I’m not joking on this one and what more space could you ask for from a beverage pocket The zipperless ball pocket is situated at the bottom of the bag and is very easily accessible. It can easily accommodate up to 12 golf balls at one go and it opens with a simple pull of a handle and is re-secured shut with integrated elastic bands Storage is not really an issue here. And honestly I’m impressed at the details that they’ve looked at while designing this bag. They’ve looked at every minute detail to make it fully functional and convenient!


Its known in the golf cart bag market that Ogio focuses on quality and that is top on their priority list. The chamber cart bag has been manufactured using top class fabrics, with amazing stitching giving it a luxurious and rugged feel. All the zippers and handles used across the bag are no doubt heavy duty From a weight point of view, it definitely is heavy and weighs around 10 lbs. You wouldn’t be surprised that when you lift this bag with your bare hands, you might wonder if there is something in it. After all its designed to ride on a cart and not be lifted around. The weight of this bag is completely justified in comparison with the features offered by this bag

Features and Specifications

  • 14-way Diamond Performance cart top with individual club dividers
  • Patented Silencer club protection system minimizes club damage
  • RPP (Red Protection Pocket) is crush resistant
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • TORQ strap
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Glove-putter Velcro attachment loop
  • Zipperless ball pocket
  • Umbrella containment system
  • Oversized tool loop
  • 10 pockets (9 zippered)

Customer Reviews

Out of 31 ratings given by consumers of this product, the average ratings on Amazon.com for this product was 4.6 out of 5 stars which is super! Most of the users were happy with their purchase and have felt that they bought a product which offered them total value for their money

Who should buy this product

Golfers looking to protect their iron clubs from regular wear and tear in the bag and those who carry a lot of accessories during the game should opt for this bag. This bag is so durable that it may be the last bag that you may buy!

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