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For golf players, one of the most difficult challenges is the sweat and slick grip which compromises the golf grip. The Grip Boost Golf Spray is a product specially designed for long lasting and clean grip while repelling moisture and sweat.

According to leading golf grip brands, golfers have saved more than 3-4 strokes at each round by adjusting grip at their club after using the boost golf spray. One of the most interesting feature of this product is that it works through rain, humid conditions and sweat. Do not worry if your sweaty gloves are compromising your game. This product aids the players in reducing tension and pressure, while improving their swings.

Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray for Gamer Grip, Golf Grips, Tennis, Yoga, Weightlifting Liquid Chalk, Pole Grip Fitness, Gymnastics Grips -2oz.
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Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray for Gamer Grip, Golf Grips, Tennis, Yoga, Weightlifting Liquid Chalk, Pole Grip Fitness, Gymnastics Grips -2oz.
  • Enhances grip through sweat, rain and high humidity.
  • Re-grip your golf grips or grip surfaces with just one spray. Apply a good firm grip spray to surface.
  • Clean and easy to use tacky spray.
  • Provides a tacky feel while also keeping dry hand ultimate gripping solution.


The Grip Boost Golf Spray assists golfers in maintaining a light grip of the club which helps them generate maximum club head speed. For the golf game, the key is to maintain a light grip, keeping the wrists, forearms and hands ready and lose for action. The application of Grip boost spray is denser than other bug or sunscreen sprays. The device produces a limited amount at each depression, which allows the golfers to apply the preferred amount. Application of the spray is easy, and a small amount ensure long lasting grip.
Within a few minutes of use, the golfers can experience maximum tackiness, especially when it is applied to the golf glove that has breathing holes.


Grip Boost Golf SprayThere are two ways of applying Grip Boost Golf Spray to the grip. Some may prefer to cover the entirety of the grip, for a long lasting result. Whereas some prefer spraying at the upper portion of the grip to minimize the sensation of the spray while still repelling sweat and improving grip. When the spray is applied on the grip, one can easily keep a track of the amount and area where it is being applied. It takes about thirty second for the product to completely stabilize and provide the desirable tacky sensation.

Grip Boost Golf Spray – Intro video

Is it worth it?

There are many products in the market that help build some tack on a grip, however there is no product which works as efficiently for providing guaranteed grip than Grip Boost Golf Spray. Applied to glove or grip, it adds confidence to the grip, preventing it from sliding or twisting in the hottest and sweatiest days. The product has been tested with a variety of gloves and grips between horribly worn and brand new ones.


Grip Boost Golf spray is a new product in the golf industry. After several surveys and reviews it has been determined that for golfers, this product guarantees improved gripping in every kind of scenario. Whether this product is used in the hottest summer day, or a dry day, Grip Boost definitely improves the gripping confidence and repels moisture and sweating. It is easy and clean to use. Significantly enhances the grip of the golf through rain and sweat. It also relieves grip pressure while improving accuracy and distance. Overall, it is worth the price and highly recommended.

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