Gift Ideas for Golfers

Gift ideas for golfers page We all know that golfers love their game! With the holidays coming up or even for special occasions such as birthdays, or anniversaries, you may be wondering what to get the golf lover. We know that it gets hard selecting a golf gift for your loved ones. Golf as a game is definitely an expensive affair. So looking for the right gift for a person who plays golf can be quite a challenging task. Here we’ve put down a list of gift ideas for golfers that they may appreciate. We’ve tried to make this list as exhaustive as possible, so take the time to go through each one of our ideas [toc]

1. PrideSports Cooler Bag

PrideSports Cooler Bag price
The first and foremost thing about this cooler is that it small bag and does not scream that it is a cooler. It can easily accommodate around 12 cans + ice for the golfer who loves to carry and consume a lot of beverages during the game. It can easily fit into the basket of the any of the golf push carts that you may have. The extra pockets and places to put necessities makes this cooler worth buying
  • Tee slots on the front, along with ball holder.
  • Glove pocket on one side
  • Water bottle (or sun-screen) nylon-mesh pocket on other side
Other features include:
  1. Great insulation material in the main beverage cooling area
  2. Additional heavy plastic lining to prevent water leakage outlining cooling area
  3. Handle on top to easily carry it when zipped up
  4. Large strap to carry it over-the-shoulder
  5. Plastic hook on side to strap it into whatever
  6. Mesh basked in cooling area to hold ice-packet – it also included a re-usable ice-packet for use in that space
Priced at @19.99 you will definitely be surprised by the quality and thought that went into the design. Most of the users of this cooler were happy with their purchase and this product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. We think this is a no-brainer if you’re looking to gift a cooler bag

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2. Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

The golf organizer is a superb way to store golf clubs along with golf bags, accessories and other knick knacks that a golfer needs to carry on course. You must trust us on this one, if you know someone who loves his game and all the equipment that he owns, a golf storage organizer is one hell of a gift. Just looking at this piece from Suncast, I know this is one gift you can give to any golf lover. It has space to easily store up to 2 professional golf bags along with separate compartments for shoes, golf balls, tees and all other accessories. Great for golfers who have an obsessive control disorder (OCD) issue and like to see all their golfing equipment at one go! The Suncast golf organizer is made of great quality and is very sturdy. Assembly is also easy and has adjustable feet for leveling. It has all that you need from a golf organizer and more. This sure does make a super gift for your friends, spouse and loved ones! Priced @ $70  this product from Suncast is not only pleasing aesthetically, but is functionally gratifying as well. Most of the users of this product were happy with their purchase and this product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon. It surely is a must have if you’re looking for a golf organizer to gift!

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Full Grain Leather Golf Scorecard & Yardage Book Holder (Charcoal) price

3. Leather Golf Scorecard & Yardage Book Holder (Full Grain)

This makes a super accessory for any avid golfer. If you’re planning to gift a scorecard and yardage book holder, one thing for sure is that this scorecard holder eludes class! Just pure class Features:
  1. This Premium quality Full Grain Cowhide is durable, handsome and Made in the USA
  2. Included spring clip holds your scorecard securely.
  3. Slot in front pocket to hold your yardage book. Fits in rear pants pocket and burnishes with use!
  4. Scoring pencil and warranty card included.
The best part of this scorecard holder is that it caters to the largest proportion of scorecards, which is an issue that the majority of other scorecard holders have not addressed. Priced @ $35  this product is no doubt pricey – but one thing is for sure that you’re paying for quality! It has a rating for 5 on 5 on Amazon. It surely is a must have golf accessory for your loved ones!

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ScoreBand Play Four Mode Scorekeeping Watch Gray price

4. ScoreBand Golf- Play Watch

This is a simple electronic scorekeeper that can add a lot a value to a golfers game without really worrying about writing down the scores. It can be used to track golf as well as tennis scores. Features:
  • Track Hole and Round score
  • Running total of strokes display by front & back 9
  • In-round current score view
  • Score summary after 9 & 18 holes
  • In-match current score view
  • Quick & easy point error correction All-Score Mode
  • Track Game and Series score (up to 99:99)
  • Quick & easy point error correction
  • 12 or 24 hour time view option
It is very easy to use, light weight, uncomplicated and the great adjustable straps can fit almost anyone. Its water resistant and comes with a replaceable 1.5 volt battery. The hibernate function helps conserve battery life. Priced @ $30 it offers complete value for money. Many of the users of this product were happy with their purchase and this product has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon.

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The 500 Worlds Greatest Golf Holes price

5. The 500 Worlds Greatest Golf Holes

This makes a great coffee table book. More than six hundred lavish photographs complement anecdotal “biographies” and vital statistics of the holes deemed the best in the world by the magazine’s editors and their panel of international experts This book is just a wonderful gift for any golf enthusiast. The pictures are great and any golfer or non-golfer alike will be interested in seeing and learning about many golf holes around the world Priced @ $25 it is no doubt a great read! Most of the users of this book were happy with their purchase and this product has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon – which is just super We think this is an awesome gift for someone who loves to read about Golf!

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