How to choose sunglasses for golfing

One thing that is often overlooked by golfers is finding the right pair of sunglasses for golfing. Finding sunglasses for golf is very important for ensuring optimal vision and helping you achieve your top game. Below are certain factors you must consider before purchasing the right pair of sunglasses for golf: 1. Polarization – The most important factor[…]

how to grip your golf club

How to Grip a Golf Club

Did you know that they way you Grip a golf club is the most important thing when starting out. It surely is not a complicated thing to do and has an overall impact on your game. We could have gone ahead and written an article on how to hold your golf club, but we really think that Michael Breed, host of[…]

How to Buy a Golf Club

The funny thing about golf is that the golfer is only as good as his next swing! And probably that’s what makes it such an addictive game. Because you can’t always replicate your swing, the only thing you can control when you play is your attitude towards the game and the kind of equipment you have. One of the[…]

how to organize golf bag

How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Because pace of play is so important during a game, you must organize your golf bag to facilitate quick retrieval and return of all clubs and accessories that you use on the course There are basically two types of bags: golf carry bags (the ones you carry yourself when walking) and golf cart bags (carried by the golf cart when you ride)[…]