Best Golf Driver for Beginners

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How to Choose the best golf driver?

1. Loft

The loft of a driver can affect how high or low the ball’s flight path will be. Loft is 8 to 12 degrees for most drivers, as the loft is the factor that adds spin to a ball. Without loft, golf balls would not be able to generate lift and get off the ground. Golf drivers, usually have a fixed set of loft, with some special customizable clubs having an adjustable loft.

2. Center of Gravity

The center of gravity refers to the balance point of the driver’s head; this balance point is usually the heaviest part of the golf driver’s head. A proper swing should make the center of gravity of the golf driver, hit the golf ball. Most manufacturers of golf drivers, place the center of gravity squarely in the middle.

3. Size and material

The bigger the golf driver’s head is, the bigger the center of gravity and hitting area is too. Players should pick golf driver’s size based on their preferences. The larger the golf driver head, the slower and lower the ball will fly, but a larger head also ensures a more accurate shot. Golf drivers are made out of different kinds of material; modern technologies have enabled materials such as titanium and graphite, to be used in golf driver manufacturing. However, the use of composite materials is extremely common too. Considering the above factors, we present a list below to make your job easier of finding the best golf driver for beginners based on your needs.

Best Golf Driver for Beginners – Reviews

1. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha – Modern driver

Callaway Mens Big Bertha Driver priceThe Callaway Men’s Big Bertha driver is a wonder of modern driver technology. It features both left and right-handed orientations, allowing people with either dominant hand to use it. And this golf driver is constructed out of graphite, making it stiff and rigid, but still having some flexibility. The forged composite design of the driver is all thanks to the new hyper speed face design, which makes the composite material, have higher strength. And the Big Bertha also comes at a nice length of 45 inches, the perfect length for most golfers. The addition of weight saving parts also means that this driver is pretty light, allowing players to wield it without a problem. The loft of this drive may also be adjusted, allowing for adjustments to up 2 degrees. The Big Bertha’s main strengths are in its design; it looks great, especially with the composite graphite being used. The adjustability of the loft is also a welcome feature as it adds to the potential power you can add to each of your swings. The composite graphite material is also really light; you will not feel dragged down by the weight of this club as you swing it. The club, however, is fairly off center its construction. Solid hits with the center of gravity can make your drives much less accurate.

2. Cleveland Classic Golf XL – Large hitting area

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver price A large driver with a deep face, this golf driver is made to have a large area for hitting. You will not miss the center of this driver’s hits because the driver’s head has a nice weight to it, which is evenly distributed. You can hit the ball with a lot of gusto and confidence, because even if you miss a center hit, balls will still go quite a distance. Golf players, who constantly miss center hits, can use the Cleveland Classic Golf XL if they want a more forgiving driver. The price of this driver is also another factor because it is not that heavy on the wallet. Another great offering that this driver has is its ability to switch out its shaft with a set of different shafts. These customizable shafts come in different lengths and materials. The variety of shaft choices can be a detriment, however since potential buyers may not know which shaft is best for them. And purchasing multiple shaft types can become pricey. It is also a huge downer when the shaft type was chosen is not the perfect one.

3. TaylorMade Men’s Jetspeed – Fast swings

TaylorMade Mens JetSpeed Golf Driver priceThe TaylorMadeJetspeed golf driver is a club that has a unique center of gravity. Instead of being placed solidly in the middle of the club or high towards the back of the club head. This golf driver’s center of gravity is placed low and forward. This combined with the light weight of this club, makes it the perfect club to perform fast swings with. The same amount of distance is covered, except with a faster swing. The club helps this along by being designed with a streamlined angle in mind. A faster swing can make the ball hit by this club, spin less, allowing for a more controlled shot. This also makes the ball travel much farther and faster. Players, who want a driver that can add a few yards to their shot, will find that the TaylorMadeJetspeed can perform that job perfectly.

4. Nike Golf Men’s VRS Covert 2 – Nextgen driver

Nike Golf Mens VRS Covert 2.0 Golf Driver priceAn improved design of Nike golf drivers, this reiteration, is the next generation of golf drivers. Nike promises that this driver can deliver more speed and distance, compared to previous versions of this driver. This is done through the use of the latest composite materials and designs. This club golf also comes with different loft customization choices, allowing players to choose the best loft angle based on their preferences. While this golf driver is clearly an improved version the previous Nike Covert, is borrows some of the same design elements. This includes the iconic crimson color and the adjustable cavity back. The only drawback is that it is only sold in the right-hand orientation, so left handed players will have to look for something else to use. A good golf driver should always be your number one priority in your golf bag. After all it is the first club you will use on a golf course. The golf driver is one of the foundations of a good game. And as any golfer should know, the right driver must be used to ensure a great game.]]>

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