7 Best Sunglasses for Golf – Most Awesome Ever!

Did you know that the best sunglasses for golf can actually help protect your eyes from the sun glare during your play. Golf is a visually challenging game and a lot of conditions like lighting, course distances and backgrounds can affect your game. So it is imperative to have a high quality of vision. It’s been proven that the way sunscreen protects your skin, golf glasses can protect your eyes without impacting your visibility of the greens and the ball. Since there are so many golf sunglasses available in the market it is actually difficult to find the best one based on your needs. Here, we’ve tried to make your job easier by listing down the best sunglasses for golf along with their reviews by creating this in depth buying guide [toc]

Lookout for the following before your buy

  • UV protection: Always opt for lenses with 100% UV protection from UVA/UVB rays. This protection is a standard today and important for your eyes
  • Non Polarized Lenses: Are the best for golf as they will not distort your depth perception during play
  • Wearability: Golf sunglasses that helps you wear and forget, is ideally what you should be looking at. Shades should fit close enough to your face to avoid sunlight from sides, above and bottom.
  • Lens Color: The lens color should be such to block high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies. The best colors are dark amber, brown and copper
  • Styling: Good styling will enhance your overall personality boosting confidence in your game. A premium price is justified for the overlook of the golf glasses

7 Best Sunglasses for Golf

1. Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Oakley Flak JackeOakley a premium brand has come up with a range of sunglases for golf. They are no doubt great looking glasses that are made with a plastic frame with metal stems which is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear during your play on course. The sunglasses come with non polarized lenses and have 100% UV protection. The Flak Jacket maintains clear vision as it features Hydrophobic, a permanent lens coating that prevents rain and sweat from building up on the lens. It also repels skin oils and other contaminates, so the lens is smudge resistant and easy to keep clean Comes with case, microbag and 2 nosepads that can be switched for the one that gives you the best fit. The three point fit frame holds the lenses securely. Overall the frame fits in such a way that they stay in place on your face during play – which is a very important factor when you swing the ball. Available in a variety of colors to suit your requirements. If you can handle the price of $150 – these are the best sunglasses for golf Amazon buttons

2. Nike Show X2 Pro

Nike Pro ShowNike a leading manufacturer of sport equipment comes with an an innovative pro-cut lens with Nike MAX Optics, a patented technology that amplifies the white of the ball and enhances the contours of the green. The Nike X2 pro flying lenses are 100% UV protected and delivers precise visual information at all angles of view in a deep lens cut enhancing coverage to the maximum The lightweight nylon frame is fully adjustable, lightweight and extremely comfortable during use. It has secure-wrap temples and a ventilated, adjustable nose bridge for fog-free comfort and stability. Priced at around $120, the Nike show X2 pro comes in a variety of frame and lens colors to pick the one suits you the best. Amazon buttons

3. Under Armour Men’s Igniter Sunglass

Under Armour Ignites SunglassesThese Under Armour sports sunglasses are made of polymer lenses which are 100% UV protected which makes them great for golf. The ArmourFusion frame technology which combines Titanium and Grilamid is lightweight and comfortable during use The nosepad is adjustable to provide maximum comfort and a secure fit. Under Armour designed these impact resistance sunglasses for high speed motion activities so they will stay on your face no matter how fierce your swing. Comes in a variety of frame and lens colors. Overall, the Under Armour Igniter Sport Sunglasses are good buy for the price of $80 Amazon buttons

4. Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

Tifosi JetThe Nylon frame is made from TR-90 which is made up of a material that is bendable so that they are less likely to break from sudden ground shocks. The polycarbonate non polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection against the sun glare. The anti slip nose and temple pads ensure these golf sunglasses stick to your face during your swings.
These sunglasses for golf are great looking with superior styling. These golf glasses come in a variety of frame and lens colors. Priced at just $30, the Tifosi Jet Wrap sunglasses offers you total value for your money as it gives you complete bang for your buck.
Just keep in mind that they are designed for small to medium sized faces. So, you may want to look out for different alternatives if you have a larger face.
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5. JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses 

JiMartiJM01Although very basic in looks and its features, the JiMarti JM01 features in our best sunglasses for golf list as it offers complete value for your buck. Made from TR-90 material, these golf sunglasses are shockproof making it almost unbreakable during normal use. The company that manufactures these glasses are so confident of their product that they go ahead and offer lifetime breakage warranty on frame & lens – which is actually a big deal!
These sunglasses are extremely lightweight to a point where you actually forget that you’re wearing them. The non-polarized polycarbonate lens offers UV400 protection, which means it filters out 99-100% of UVA and UVB light with wavelengths up to 400nm.
The JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses come in a variety of frame/lens colors. They’re priced at $30 and they just may be the most comfortable golf sunglasses that you’ve ever worn considering the price
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6. Callaway Series Fairway Sport Sunglasses

Callaway Series Sport SunglassesMade from the leading manufacturer of golfing equipment, the callaway series sport sunglasses is what we would call classis style golf glasses that would ideally suit any face. The frame is very light weight, comfortable and is unbreakable since it is made out of the TR90 material. The lenses feature a NEOX which is a photocromic technology that provides the most accurate visual performance for your game by adjusting itself to various lighting conditions. These non polarized 100% UV protected lenses are just ideal for the game of golf Priced at $90 this is a tad bit higher when compared to the rest, but you can be rest assured that you’re going for a premium brand in the world of golfing equipment. Available in a variety of lens and frame colors Amazon buttons

7. Nike Tailwind 12 Sunglasses

Nike Tailwind SunglassesAlthough used for running, these featured in the best sunglasses for golf list as these meet all the requirements of golf glasses.
The frame is super lightweight, comfortable and will fit securely on your face even during your most powerful drives. Runners find these extremely comfortable and secure while running distances of 10+ miles.
The lens is 100% UV protected along with being non polarized which will not distort your vision during your round of play. The Nike Max optics technology offer precise visual information at all angles of view. The fly lenses which is actually a small gap between the lens and the frame ensures that your lenses will never really fog up in any situation.
Priced at around $75, these glasses comes in a black frame with grey color tints which may just be ideal for your game of golf
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