5 Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews

It’s been well over a decade since we first started seeing Global Positioning Systems on golf carts. Now, GPS on carts is probably more valuable for fleet and course management, which is why the introduction of GPS watches.

Golf GPS watches originated in the market a few years ago. They are useful and innovative technology which helps locate distance in combination with convenience, functionality and style. Along with time, these watches identify the course automatically, providing you details of the distance measurement of the back, front and center of the greens. So, read on to find out about the best golf GPS watch available? [toc]

Best Golf GPS Watch – Reviews

1. Garmin Approach S6 – Top of the line

Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch (Orange/Black) priceGarmin’s new S6 brings forth the advancement in technology with an aim to provide something new and different. The sleek design maintain performance, quality and color of the display. It is one of the most compact devices available in the market. There are two new buttons which allow easy navigation This is the lightest and smallest GPS device available in the market. The battery life is really very huge by any standards with a 15 hours plus. It has an awesome screen which is very clear in sunlight and shadow. The touchscreen is good and you will definitely not have a problem pinpointing what you need. The build of this device is almost awesome and the will not interfere with your swing if that is what you think so. Overall this is the top of the line device which combines all the features of Garmin S Series and is best in its class. The price is very steep when compared to others in the market. If you can afford it and want the extra features then this one that you may want to opt for

2. NEO XS Bushnell  – Best Buy

Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch priceNEO XS Bushnell is the new iteration beginner level golf GPS watch. Bushnell comes with a significant improvement compared to the previous generation watch. The addition of two hazards is the most important advancement in the GPS market. In terms of design too, NEO XS’s sleek appearance easily beats any competition in the market. The Bushnell NEO XS  has the auto advance feature that automatically moves to the new hole while playing. Using the up and down buttons one can easily manually change the holes. One of the drawbacks is that the auto advance feature cannot be disabled. The NEO XS allows you to measure distance of each shot without an option of saving the details. It has an awesome “tee time” feature that automatically starts searching for satellites 7 minutes earlier than the tee time. Your GPS watch is always ready and you don’t need to manually operate the button. It also has an odometer that measures the speed, the elapsed time and the distance moved. Along with being waterproof the NEO XS comes with traditional features of a watch, including a stopwatch, an alarm and a countdown timer. The NEO XS gives you many options to adjust the settings. Using the Golf menu, you may can measure the distance in meters or yards, and time length from the middle or start of the round, the shut time of the watch (1.5hrs to 9hrs). The watch is priced reasonably and has a strong course coverage. Although the watch does not store statistics and scoring of your game, it is definitely offers great value for money making it one of the best golf gps watch in the market

3. Golf Buddy WT4 GPS Watch – Awesome features

GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Watch priceGolf Buddy is a trusted innovator and leader in the manufacturing of golf GPS devices. WT4 GPS Watch is one of the best gps watch designed for on and off course games. This sleek and compact GPS watch is only kind of its nature available in the market. It is easy to use and requires no downloads. All the target information is already available as it comes preloaded with 37000+ courses. The watch has a slim and elegant design with analog/digital watch features. It contains information of all Hazards, full target and comes with a dynamic green view that has the pin placement option. The settings can help keep your digital scorecards along with an option of automatic hole and course recognition. The device is really a smart one as it can easily measure the shot distance to center / back / front of the green. The device is very accurate and has an awesome battery life of around 8.5 hours. There have been few instances where the watch is unable to pick up a course and the watch ultimately freezes and gets resolved with a manual restart Considering the price it makes a very good purchase for anyone looking for a good golf gps watch

4. Garmin Approach S1 – Value for Money

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch (Preloaded with US Courses) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) priceGarmin is another popular brand when it comes to golf technologies. With Approach S1, it combines the GPS technology with its watching making experience to bring forth a device that has significantly improved the playing experience of a golfer. This is the first device of the S series. The most important advantage of S1 is the convenience it brings. However, since this is an older model it only covers the distance of 3 holes, with no hazard areas and advanced images. It covers the basic distance of 3 views- far, middle, and near, it is easy to use and navigate. The depress buttons and sleek design is a great feature. This watch allows you to easily track and measure the shot distances. Comes with a sunlight built in screen that ensures that you will see all the numbers easily in the day. It comes pre loaded with 14000 courses. Being an older model there are no hazard images and the battery is not as powerful as compared to other devices in the market. The device is made from solid plastic and has a great overall fee to it. There is no yearly subscription charges, thereby what you see is what you pay for.  If you’re going for a basic model, this gps watch for golf is good bet

5. Garmin Approach S4 – Super Accuracy

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch - Black price Garmin continues to surprise the world with its golf series. The range has been extended with better performance and watch features. Approach S4 comes with an improved battery life, dedicated views, and additional statistics. The hazard feature again is not included, however distance measurements are provided along doglegs and layups. This unit comes with a 10 hours+ battery life unlike the S1 and offers above 38,000 courses of the world. The updates that will receive on the courses are free for life. Hands down, this is the most accurate device that you will find in the golf gps watch market. The watch will automatically advance to the next hole and show you the score counter. Comes with an additional stat tracking which may be enabled and manually entered after every hole Sunlight enabled means that you can easily view your data while you are playing in the sun. If you like gadgets an can afford it – it is fun, functional and offers all that you need from a golf GPS device.]]>

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