Whats the Best Golf Travel Bag

Are you looking to buy the best golf travel bag for your golf travels. When you explore the market, you will realize that some are expensive, others are cheap. The most important thing for a travel golfer who loves playing in different courses across the world – is to figure out how to safely and securely transport their golf clubs with them.

The ones that we have selected based on our reviews below are definitely not cheap, but they will get your clubs to your destination in one piece. They will be able to withstand the beating from the airport baggage folks without causing any damage to your golf clubs. So, without wasting a lot of time – lets look at our recommendations of the best golf travel bags in the market.

Best Golf Travel Bag Reviews

1. Sun Mountain 2016 Clubglider Meridian

Sun Mountain 2016 Clubglider Meridian

Like most good golf travel bags have the same construction: a full zip from top to bottom, a reinforced base, a padded top along with a few side pockets. The Clubglider from Sun Mountain has all you need from a good travel golf bag and more. The fabric used to build to bag is a ballistic style nylon which makes the bag very sturdy and grand looking. The plastic tray at the base adds durability to the entire unit

The extra two wheels (that turn 360 degrees) take some of the pressure off and makes wheeling around a breeze through hotels and airports very easily. Dragging a bag from your car to a hotel or around the airport is not easy, but this bag makes the experience a lot more easier and better

Priced at around $300, for all the features this makes the best golf travel bag in the market

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2. Club Glove Last Bag Pro Golf Travel Bag

club glove large travel bagAs the name says, this golf travel bag from club glove is the “last” travel bag you will purchase that comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This golf travel bag comes with a high impact wheel base that shields the bottom of the bag and offers excellent maneuverability. The bag is made from cordura water resistant nylon, has YKK zippers and comes with an extra padded handle at the top and bottom. The bag is large enough to accomodate clubs as long as 47 inches and available in a variety of colors such as black, navy, hunter green, khaki, burgundy, red, clay, blue, and more

Priced at around $320, it does makes an expensive purchase – but its totally worth every penny spent

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3. OGIO Golf 2017 Straight Jacket Travel Bagogio golf travel bag

The Ogio golf Straight Jacket weighs 7.6 lbs and has a fully padded top that protects your clubs from being jostled through the airport on smooth urethane wheels.The fully padded top protects your items from being jostled, and while you’re rolling through the airport on the smooth urethane wheels. The construction is stable but will not be as durable as the ones above. But since it’s a bit lighter, you can pack some extra shoes in. The bag has the same protective features as you would expect in golf travel bag – reinforced base, padded top, and secure zippers. The bag can handle a beating without backing down to the wear and tear of travel

Priced at around $150, its the cheapest option around in the market for full fledged golf travel bag

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