5 Best Golf Irons For The Money

Irons make up the majority of golf clubs in your bag. As such, purchasing the best golf iron clubs is in the best interest for taking your game to the next level. Its important that you pick the best in class iron according to your game without any compromise. If you are heading to the market for a new pair of golf irons, you must read this first.

Choosing a new set of best golfing irons is a daunting process. There are tons of brands that provides different types of iron sets and itís a bit tricky to choose the one according to your requirements. You have to examine a variety of factors such as material, flex, size, shape of the clubs so that it can provide you the maximum flexibility and performance.

Well, we have made this task easier for you. Considering all the points above, we have prepared a list that will save your time and help you make a better decision. Letís discuss the 5 Best Golf Irons which will help you hit your shots crisp and clean. So, here it is:

Best Golf Irons in 2018

ImageProduct NameUnique Factor 
[azrev_link_img asins="B01AWY6CD2"]TaylorMade Men's M2 Golf Iron SetSpeed pocket technology making it lighter in weight[azrev_link_button asin="B01AWY6CD2" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_img asins="B01ANMJCPI"]Callaway Men’s XR OS Individual IronIts 360 technology increases the swing speed and helps you hit your shots even further[azrev_link_button asin="B01ANMJCPI" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_img asins="B00EUAWWW0"]Mizuno Golf MP-4 Club Iron SetsForged with a single 1025E pure select mild carbon steel billet, making it strong[azrev_link_button asin="B00EUAWWW0" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_img asins="B0066S4D08"]Callaway RAZR X Black Iron SetIts new Razor technology gives you a new amazing sporting experience[azrev_link_button asin="B0066S4D08" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_img asins="B074X4X6Y2"]Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron SetThe Ultrathin hybrid iron allows golfers to take consistent errorless hits[azrev_link_button asin="B074X4X6Y2" text="Check Price"]

1. TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01AWY6CD2″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01AWY6CD2″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box] Taylormade M2 golf iron began capturing the market as soon as it was launched. And why not? These Taylormade M2 golf are certainly one of the best golfing irons for the money that comes with great performance, features like low center of Gravity, much improved swing speed, thinner frame etc. The main attraction of this iron set is its Speed pocket technology which makes it much lighter in weight. So, that you can take an accurate shot with minimum force.

Forgiveness has improved a lot in M2 golf iron which provides consistent accuracy and helps you goal from even the farthest of the distance. The M2 golf iron is manufactured with Geocoustic engineering technology and new hosel bend slot that improves its performance by 30 percent compared to its predecessor M1.

The custom-made irons are perfect as you can design them as per your needs and requirements. This will build up your confidence in your game because these babies are designed as per your skill sets like swing rate, trajectory, shot pattern, etc.


  • Best for the mid-hand capper who wants to improve his skills
  • Outstanding clubs, great trajectory and balance
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Added 20-30 yards to your game
  • Comfortable for both pros and beginners
  • Customize it as per your requirement


  • Little bit lack of trajectory
  • Length of shay is not standard

2. Callaway Men’s XR OS Individual Iron

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01ANMJCPI” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01ANMJCPI” size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The Callaway Men’s XR OS Individual is one of the best golf iron in the market. These are best in class in terms of build quality and offers an outrageous performance. Its 360 technology increases the swing speed and helps you hit your shots even further. It is specifically designed to maximize the distance, height and forgiveness.

Apart from that, it helps in increasing your accuracy so that you can aim for a perfect bullís eye shot. Its progressive shot length and lofts redefines the ball speed and put your aim right in the hole.

It also has a very solid frame, thanks to its 2-step heat forging process.

Lack of experience? Donít worry! These golf irons are designed such a way that will increase both your efficiency and game performance.


  • 360 technology that redefines ball speed and increase accuracy
  • Length shot has been greatly improvised in this model
  • Itís easier to shoot from a far distance because of its unique build
  • Best for beginners to enhance their skills


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The iron is slightly curved which makes handling a bit poor

3. Mizuno Golf MP-4 Club Iron Sets

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00EUAWWW0″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00EUAWWW0″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The Mizuno Golf MP-4 Club Iron Sets are another best irons in the golf market that makes your game enjoyable. This set of clubs are best suitable for single digit handicap that boost their hits and make their shots more forgiving.

Forged with a single 1025E pure select mild carbon steel billet, it gives them much more strength. Its thin bar provides them a professional and eye-catching look. The 8-iron pitching wedge offers a decent amount of accuracy so that the golfer can hit the distant bulls eye shots.

Its magic VMT (Variable Muscle Thickness) technology gives your wrist a perfect twist to take better shots but here you have to focus on its trajectory.

These sets easily add a distance of 10-12 yards to your game as compared to other standard irons. So, without any wastage of time, add these pairs to your collection and they will never disappoint you. That being said, if you are a beginner, you have to practice a lot in order to make a habit of its swing and weight shifting balance.


  • The material used in this iron easily add 10-20 yards to your game
  • They are easy to handle
  • Well balanced design
  • Exceptional strength
  • Easy to hit far shots
  • Gives you ultimate control over the ball, thanks to its 1025E pure select mild carbon steel


  • It is not good for beginners
  • The trajectory is little bit compromise
  • Comes at a high cost

4. Callaway RAZR X Black Iron Set

[azrev_img_box asin=”B0066S4D08″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B0066S4D08″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]When it comes to providing more power and forgiveness to your shots, the Callaway RAZR X Black Iron Set is a best golfing iron for the money. This pair of iron set is designed to reposition the center of gravity. Its black and red color finish makes them more attractive. This is the combination of both style and performance. Its new Razor technology gives you a new amazing sporting experience.

These golf irons are constructed with aluminum and thermoplastic polyurethane that increases the accuracy level and provides you consistent bulls eye shots. If we talk about its manufacturing, it is made out of true temper Dynalite 85 steel shafts which makes them lightweight and hit your shots 10-12 yards far than any other irons set.

These are the best suite for those who wants maximum forgiveness at each shot as these golf iron helps in improving the game of beginners and takes their perfection to the next level.


  • Enhance the beginnerís golf skill and accuracy
  • It provides maximum forgiveness to the game
  • Add 10-120 yards to the game easily
  • Eye-catching color combination
  • Design to reposition center of gravity
  • Distance improving capability is perfect
  • It amplifies golf speed and distance


  • Its stick length is a bit sacrificed
  • Sweet zone of the pair is not properly centralized

5. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

[azrev_img_box asin=”B074X4X6Y2″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B074X4X6Y2″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box] Though this golf iron from Cleveland would tickle a hole in your pocket, it does back it all up through its performance. These fall under the game improvement category and provides maximum forgiveness to the golfer which makes it one of the best golf irons

It comes with a fully hollow clubhead that offers much more stability as compared to the oneís with cavity back. Its arcing HiBore crown increases the swing speed by moving the CG deeper and lower.

The Ultrathin hybrid iron gives the golfer an ability to take a miss-hit shot even at bigger yards and allow them to take consistent errorless hits.

If you have swing speed of around 80-100 miles an hour, these iron sets might be the perfect one for you. However, while using the set, we felt that Aerodynamics are bit on a mediocre side. Other than this, it is one of the best golfing irons in its range.


  • Itís very easy to cover farthest of the yards because of its hollow clubhead
  • Have a high impact when hit perfectly
  • Forgiveness is decent
  • Ultrathin steel makes it lightweight
  • Well balanced stick


  • Price might be high for some people
  • Aerodynamics are a little bit compromised

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