Best Golf GPS Device for the money

Are you looking to find the best golf GPS device for your money’s worth. The biggest thing in favor of a GPS device is its cost. GPS units can cost as little as $100. GPS devices are available in forms like a watch or handheld unit that provides all the information you may need.

The device will give you distance to the pin, bunkers, water, any hazards which help you select the right clubs. It also gives you information about the size and shape of the green which can be crucial for good course management. The GPS will be able to tell you more information than you will ever need; such as your last shot length and even elevation changes on the hole

Types of Golf GPS Devices

The most common type of GPS devices are a watch and a handheld device that looks like a smartphone. A watch is definitely convenient to use but will provide limited information when compared to a handheld device.

Handheld devices have a larger screen size and will provide a bit more information, as well as useful features like scorecards and advanced stat tracking. You would need to choose between these two options depending on your preference.

A best GPS golf device will come pre-loaded with thousands of golf courses that the company has mapped. In addition to that, a units few will have the ability to sync up and add additional courses and data if you need to, which helps you and other users as well

Best Golf GPS Device – Top 8 Reviews

1. Golfbuddy Voice GPS

Golfbuddy Voice GPSThe GolfBuddy Voice GPS is a good, reliable device that provides accurate distance to the pin to help you select the right club. Along with showing the distance, the GPS unit also talks to you. It comes pre-loaded with 35000+ courses worldwide. The unit is really very compact with a size of just 1.7″x 1.7″

The biggest plus to this product is the form factor. You can easily clip this onto the side of your hat or your belt and almost tend to forget it is there. It can also be used as a watch with the purchase of a GolfBuddy wristbrand

Two great features of this unit is that:

  • Shows you the actual shape of the green, and rotates that shape depending on your approach angle
  • Records the distance between any two points

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS has no additional costs or fees associated with it, and is our choice as the best-value buy on the market if you are looking for a entry level GPS

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2. Garmin Approach G7 Golf Course GPS

Garmin Approach G7This is the best golf GPS device that is made by the market leader Garmin. The unit is just perfect who hate looking at small screens. It comes with 2.6″ color display that gives a similar feel to a smartphone. It has a compact design, tough and is very durable along with being waterproof. Preloaded with around 30,000 courses and free updates for the lifetime of the device.

This GPS handheld device gives you more distance measurements than you can really imagine. Measurements like front/middle/back of green, hazards, layup points, precise pin locations, etc.  A great measurement feature of the G7 is its “PlaysLike” feature, which automatically adjusts distances for uphill/downhill shots. One cool feature of the G7 is the Smart Notification which can be setup to receive emails and messages from your phone!

The G7 also provides advanced stats, and a variety of scorecard options, so you can analyze your round to track your improvement. You can also set the device up to receive emails and messages from your phone!

With its variety of useful features, and accurate measurements, the G7 is the best handheld golf GPS device on the market today!

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3. Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo XSThe Bushnell Neo Xs is the lightest, thinnest golf gps watch in the market. Very comfortable to wear, while packing more features than you can wrap your head around. It comes pre-loaded with over 33,000 international courses (with free download updates) — perfect for you golfing globetrotters.

This best golf gps watch automatically begin to load the course info as you enter the golf course, so you don’t need to waste your time looking through screens looking for the correct location.  Once you start playing your round, the watch will also automatically progress through each hole, so you can worry about your swing instead of how to your new tech.  The Neo Xs provides accurate yardage distances to front/back/center of greens, hazards, and also layup distances.  It also will tell you how far your shot distance is.

One of the best features of the Neo Xs is its battery life.  On a single charge you can expect over 12 hours of GPS tracking (about 3 rounds); and if you use it as just a watch, the batter will last for two full years!  About the only downside of the Neo XS is that some people have experienced the band breaking after limited usage.

Overall the Bushnell Neo XS is one of the best golf GPS device in the market.

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4. IZZO Swami 4000+ Golf GPS

IZZO Swami 4000This is the most the budget friendly handheld golf GPS device that you will find in the market. This simple GPS unit has everything that you may be looking from a best golf GPS device.

It comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 courses from around the world.  There are also no subscription or download fees for the updating the device. The GPS gives you distance measurements to the front/center/back of green, hazards, and even doglegs.  The LCD screen is large, clear, and easy to read, so you will not have to squint, even under bright sunlight.  The device also features auto-hole advance, and shot distance measurement, so you don’t have to worry about pushing any buttons as you progress through the course.

The only issue is with the belt clip. The grommet is made of plastic and when attached to the belt, tends to break Other than that it appears to be a handy device. If that part was made of teflon and not plastic, it would probably last a bit longer

Overall, the Swami 4000+ may lack some fancier features (3D maps, scorecards, etc.) of the higher end devices, but if you are looking for a no-frills, accurate, and reliable golf GPS, then this is the device for you.  For just around $100, you won’t find a better deal than this!

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5. Bushnell Neo Ghost

Busnell Neo GhostThe Neo Ghost from Bushnell is a very basic pocket sized handheld golf GPS device. The unit comes preloaded with 30000+ golf courses. The auto course recognition and auto hole advance feature ensures that you can focus on the game.

The display on the unit is very large which makes it easy to read front, center and back accurate yardages. The unit provides up to four custom hazard and layup distances per hole. This is definitely a no frill device that has a really long battery life which easily lasts up to 3 golf rounds. It is available in a  variety of 5 colors.

If you’re looking for a feature strapped device that offers the basic golf GPS functionality, for a mere $50 – we think it makes it to the list of best golf GPS device in that price.

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6. Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band

Garmin Approach X40A golf band is for those who don’t prefer GPS watches and handheld devices. The X40 golf band from Garmin is a sleek and lightweight device which shows precise distances to the front, back and middle of each Green, as well as hazards. The auto shot tracking measures your shot distances and auto records for post-round analysis and mapping on your Garmin connect account.

The unit has a battery life that lasts upto 10 hours in GPS mode an 5 days in activity mode. The activity tracking monitor feature allows you track your heart rate all day and night. This heart rate monitor as actually comparable or even better than the ones available in Fitbit devices.

The smart notification feature connects to your phone, thereby keeping your phone safe and ensuring that you do not miss any messages.

Available in two sizes and priced at around $250, makes a great buy.

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7. GolfBuddy PT4 Golf GPS

GolfBuddy PT4This device is definitely for those who love large handheld GPS devices. The PT4 golfbuddy device has an enlarged 4 inch high resolution LCD display, one of the largest in golf handheld devices. This gives you a feel of a smartphone. The device is pre-loaded with 38000+ international courses.

The LCD screen is a capacitive touch screen as the reaction to commands is twice as faster when compared to other handheld GPS devices in the market. The unit comes with all the features you can think of like Automatic course and hole recognition, moveable pin placement, statistics analysis module and scorecard tracking.

The GPS device is water resistant and has a 8 hour battery life. The big benefit of all Golfbuddy’s is the cost of ownership as there is no annual subscription and therefore your investment in the device is all you need to pay for.

If you love big devices and have extra cash to invest for your game, this is one piece you must go for.

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8. TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

Tom Tom Golfer 2This ultra-slim GPS device is designed to help golfers improve their game by detecting tee and approach shots automatically. This GPS device comes pre-loaded with full course data of over 40,000 international golf courses.

The automatic scorecard feature tracks your score from beginning till the end without really worrying about the pencil. The game is recorded and can be analyzed later using the MySports app.

The GPS watch shows very precise distances to hazards ahead, greens, and lay-ups, to help you master every hole. Rounds can be studied hole-by-hole in order to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

The watch offers a lot of features along with being stylish. It is very comfortable and lightweight, so you will hardly realize you’re wearing one. The device can be adjusted to fit any hand thanks to sung, no slide fit making it to our list of best golf GPS device.

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