Best Golf Ball Retriever Reviews

Abest golf ball retrieverre you looking to find the best golf ball retriever? As the name speaks for itself, golf ball retrievers are devices that help you retrieve golf balls that have fallen into lakes, bushes, water, rocks, mud or other difficult to reach places on the golf course. On purchase of one, you realize that they end up paying for themselves over a few months of use. There are different types of golf ball retrievers available in the market. You will most likely want a golf ball retriever that has a locking head, a good grip and definitely long. A good locking mechanism at the end of the retriever ensures that you don’t end up dropping the ball once you have it on the end of the tool.

It is important to get the best golf ball retriever in order to avoid hassles when playing golf in the field. To help out, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best golf ball retrievers you may want to purchase:

Best Golf Ball Retriever  – Top 5 

1. IGotcha Golf Ball Retriever

The IGotcha golf ball retriever is one of the best golf ball retriever in the market today. It comes in five sizes ranging from 10 feet to 21 feet. The technology is patented for shafts, head designs and easy locking devices that are “Made in America”. The innovative compact collapsible stainless steel shaft makes it easy to store the ball retriever in the golf bag

The executive XL offers is the most popular model which offers the best value and retracts to a less than 21 inches. It weighs only about 12oz which adds to the advantages of using this product because of its extremely light weight compared to its size

Despite its huge reach, the Executive XL folds into a very manageable and compact size (21 inches), so you can easily store it in the side pocket of your bag

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2. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

The Callaway golf ball retriever expands to a 15 inch which can be retracted down to a small 45 inches. The stainless steel retriever ensure quick and safe grabbing of balls in a snap. The ergonomic design rubber handle helps enhance your grip. The high grade aluminum alloy does not bend when fully extended and is durable enough to withstand pressure and prevent bending. The product also comes with a dual zip cover which makes it look like another golf club in your bag

One of the drawbacks of this golf ball retriever is that may accumulate water in the tube due to the hollow design when put to use

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3. Champ Pro-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

The Champ Pro-Lite Golf Ball Retriever makes any golf ball easy to obtain. The unique light weight design is great for scooping up balls from any difficult terrain. The ball retriever extends upto 9 feet and collapses to about a small 14 inches. It can easily be stored in one of the corners of your stand or cart bag. The patented lock feature easily traps the ball and locks it in a failsafe grip

One of the cons of this retriever is the limited reach that this product has when compared to other products in the market. For the price, it does make a perfect gift for any golf enthusiast and amateur if you’re looking for one

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4. Search and Rescue Ball Retriever

The Search and Rescue golf ball retriever has a very simple method of retrieval, simply place the head over the golf ball and lift. The rings are made of tough stainless steel, and includes a locking mechanism to ensure that the ball stays in place. It is also coated with weather proof powder to prevent any rust from developing. Another great feature is the inclusion of a dual zip head cover to give it the appearance of a golf club when placed inside your golf bag. The product is available in 2 sizes that extends to 6.5 feet and 15 feet

One of the cons of this product is that weighs heavy when compared to other products available in the market. Like most retrievers, the shaft tends to sag a bit when in full extension mode

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5. Search and Rescue 24-Foot Orange 2-Ball Retriever

This golf ball retriever is made to pull two balls from the water. This retriever extends upto 24 feet and has a wide head which can easily extract two balls at one go. The head is made from stainless steel, making it sturdy. The shaft is sturdy and has an internal lock system that helps it to maintain the desired length. The bright orange color of the head helps maintain visibility when under water

The stainless steel tubes are rust free and will definitely last for a very long time. One of the cons of this product is the wide head that looks akward when placed in your golf bag

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