Best Junior Golf Clubs – Top 10 Reviews

You can get them started when they’re young. If you want to introduce your kids to the game of golf from a young age, a good way to get them interested in the game is to buy them their own set of best junior golf clubs. There are various models and sizes and designs that are aimed towards the kids.

While looking to buy the best junior golf clubs, the main thing you will need to consider is the size of the golf club and the height of your child. You child should be able to comfortably handle the golf club and play golf without any hassle. This will help them build their confidence, and make sure that they have fun while playing.

To make it easier for parents to pick up and get started, we have reviewed 10 best junior golf clubs to watch out for

Best Junior Golf Clubs – Top 10

1. Paragon Rising Star Kids / Toddlers Golf Club

paragon rising star kidsIf you’re not really sure if your child is interested in the game and are looking for a junior golf club set for your kids or toddlers without burning a hole in your pocket, then you should definitely check the Paragon junior golf club set out.

For consecutive years, this golf club set has won gold medal and is priced only at $59.95 with all the amazing features. This golf club set is available for both right hand and left hand users. The golf set includes: Head cover matching to lofted fairway wood, wide sole iron which is oversized, putter of mallet style, a carrying bag that matches to the golf set and a box. The knuckle to ground measurement is up to 18”.

For the player’s ease, the materials are manufactured from great quality materials and the shaft of the golf club set are of graphite, which provides a lot of advantage when playing golf. Not only that, this golf set comes with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against any breakage which makes it the best junior golf clubs in this price range

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2. Callaway Boys and Girls XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

callaway hot junior golf kids The Callway boys and girls junior kids golf club set is definitely one of the best golf clubs for kids in the market. These clubs were engineered specifically for smaller players, allowing for the distance control and high ball flights that build confidence

The lightweight Driver features a large, effective hitting area for outstanding forgiveness and longer drives. The wood is designed in such a way to get the ball in the air quickly. The 7′ and 9′ iron offers a lot of forgiveness and stability. The putter is designed for tour proven accuracy. All the clubs are professionally constructed. The set also comes with a lightweight carry bag, so your child can easily carry his own clubs around and feel like a pro

The sets are available for right and left handed players and are available for ages 5-8 and 9-12. The boys set is available in orange and girls set is available purple color

Overall though, the Callaway Junior Golf Club Set is easily one of the highest quality junior golf clubs available and will have your child itching to get to the driving range or golf course

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3. Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

tour edge junior golf setHT Max-J junior sets and clubs for boys and girls offer high-flying technology that makes playing golf fun. The 7 club set includes titanium-matrix driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 7/8 iron, 9/PW iron, sand wedge and putter long with head covers. These clubs are professionally constructed with lightweight graphite shafts and stainless steel heads. The set also comes with a lightweight stand bag, so your child and easily carry his own clubs around and feel like a pro

The graphite shafts helps get the ball airborne in a much easier manner and they all are backed with the tour edge lifetime warranty

The sets are available for right and left handed players and are available for ages 3-5, 5-8 and 9-12. The boys set is available in red and girls set is available pink color

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4. EPEC Upgradeable Junior Golf Clubs & Bag for Kids

epec upgradeable junior golf setEPEC upgradeable Junior Golf clubs set is an investment for a lifetime. This company has created a revolution in junior golf clubs as these clubs can be upgraded as your child keeps growing. You need not worry about your buying a new set of golf clubs every time your child outgrows one.

These clubs are of the highest quality and definitely affordable considering the future upgrades. The 5 Piece Set includes Driver, Utility Wood, 2 Irons & Putter. It comes with 8 different shaft lengths providing a perfect fit for kids of all ages. The 3 sizes of metal woods that can be upgraded at any time. The Golf bag provided with this set has interchangeable color panels to mix and match

The downside to this junior golf club set is that it is available for Right Handed players only

This is a high quality set that is designed for beginners built with top of the line technology to give them the edge they need

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5. Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set

intech junior golf club setDesigned for the beginner golfer in mind, the Intech Lancer 10 piece Junior combo set contains the latest in junior technology with  17.5 degree 4-point weight system driver including head cover, a 4/5 Hybrid iron including head cover, wide sole 7 and 9 irons for all fairway situations. A super duper junior putter with a milled polymer insert for greater feel and a deluxe double strap stand bag featuring a 4-way top.

All woods and irons contain graphite shafts and a steel shaft in the putter. The stand bag has a 4-way top with a double carry strap

The Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is designed to help beginners develop their skill faster and is ideal for those who are looking to further develop their golf skills in the future.

These are made for 8-12 year olds and available for right and left handed players

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6. Wilson 2015 Profile Complete Junior Golf Set

wilson 2015 profile junior golf setA top-notch beginner’s junior golf club set from one of the reputed American sports equipment manufacturer Wilson. This one comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The set includes a standard clubs that is ideal for beginners such as a driver, irons (2 cavity back design), wedges (blade style), putter and a hybrid. The shaft is made from lightweight graphite to make it easier for the kids to swing at full speed and strength without losing any balance

Here are more details about the sizes and for what age bracket they are ideal for. Small is ideal for children ages 4 to 7 years of age, Medium size is best for 7 to 10 years of age and the Large set is best suited for child golfers ages 10 to 13 years

This set is a perfect balance between price and quality which is perfect for starters, there is not much cheapness or cost cutting, even in the bag!

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7. Nike Golf Kids VRS 7-Piece Junior Golf Club Set

Nike Golf Kid's VRS 7-Piece StepThe Nike Golf Kids VRS Junior Golf Club Set is definitely one of the best junior golf clubs for kids. Lightweight and aerodynamic, with a high loft design that will help your child launch the ball into the air very easily. Your child will love seeing his/her ball fly high into the air on each swing.

The set includes a driver, 7 iron, sand wedge, and putter.  The clubs are professionally constructed with lightweight graphite shafts and stainless steel heads.  The set also comes with a lightweight carry bag, so your child and easily carry his own clubs around and feel like a pro.

One downside is that these clubs are only currently available for right handed players and may feel expensive for a junior golf club set

Overall though, the Nike VRS Junior Golf Club Set is easily one of the highest quality junior golf clubs available and will have your child wanting to play the game on the driving range

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8. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

confidence junior golf club setThe Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is a good choice for starters. Prices vary depending on the sizes but this is one of the more affordable junior golf club combos available today. Made from lightweight material and is designed to help increase handicap, it is a great choice for an introductory golf set for kids ages 4 to 11

The driver/fairway wood comes with a extra loft for easy hitting, the oversized Ti-Matrix perimeter-weighted irons with a large forgiving sweet spot – 7 iron, 9 iron, a putter & long neck head cover

The junior stand bag comes with a double shoulder strap, 4 way divider, 4 exterior pockets, umbrella holder, Velcro glove tab & rain hood. Gives your child room for almost everything to enjoy the game

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9. Powerbilt Golf – Junior kids golf club set

powerbilt junior golf club setThis compact little kit is designed for ages 3 to 5. The kit includes golf clubs and a carry bag. The graphite shaft clubs included are, a 320 CC driver, wedge, and a putter comes with head covers as well. It comes with a stand bag

The irons feature extra weight on the heel and toe as well as an undercut cavity which makes them very forgiving and easy to hit accurately. The oversized driver has a higher launch angle to produce better distance and performance. Mallet putter with sight alignment aid for better putting. Your child will surely look forward to playing the game with this set

The clubs come in both left hand and right hand orientation grips

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10. Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set & Stand Bag

prossimon junior golf club set This beauty is complete bang for the buck! It offers 5 types of clubs and a dual strap bag with a stand. The clubs include a 3 Wood, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, mallet style Putter at an extremely attractive price.

This set caters to the age group of 4 to 7, with titanium matrix 35-36” driver and 30” irons. The extra loft and wide-sole designs are great for starting out as they offer softer flex and good swing. Being the only kit on the list to feature 3 irons, this set is great for children who show the ability to achieve distance gaps with the different clubs they use. The high-quality bag looks professional as well, making it an all-rounder kit for a child.

The grips offered are for right hand orientation. At this price the junior golf club set will definitely give your child the confidence required to pursue the game of golf

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Things to look for in the Best Junior Golf Clubs

Height and Weight of clubs:

A child can only hit so high or so far according to their strength, physique and age. Giving a junior a heavy iron or wood can not only throw off the game, but will also teach him a wrong technique to compromise for lack of power on his swing. Length of the shaft should also be correctly scaled down to have but only a negligible error in positioning.

The junior clubs available in the market are either made of aluminum or titanium inserts. Aluminum clubs tend to be slightly heavier, but are counted as the best golf clubs for kids and  good for beginners.


Unless your child has a highly advanced power swing, opt for clubs with accommodating shafts. Since swing speed for a junior could be anywhere between 60 to 80 mph, the club should be designed to propel the ball further as well as maintain height and trajectory. Shaft flex that lies somewhere between regular or ladies, or in some cases, below ladies, are good for junior to start. These types of flexes are called “Junior Flex” and are meant especially to aid young golfers. It will help them make impact with the ball on most attempts as opposed to stiffer flex shafts, and are useful in strengthening your child’s swing power.


Grip on shafts are equally important while picking up a set for your youngster. Smaller children will have smaller hands which would need to go all the way around holding a club correctly. Improper gripping techniques could result in loss of power on the swing, even if the club is of the right flex, head-size, height, and weight.

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